Welcome to my Houston Live Railroad Radio streaming page.   This page contains an embedded Windows Media Player control which will start streaming automatically if the stream is active.   If you do not use Windows Internet Explorer as your web browser then place the following URL in the media player of your choice:


Note: This stream is currently not a 24/7 operation; however, I'll try to have it active weekdays between 8 AM and 6 PM Central Time.


Channels Monitored

AAR Channel Frequency Subdivision
1414 160.3200 UP Lufkin Sub
1717 160.3650 UP Lafayette Sub
2020 160.4100 UP Palestine Sub
2424 160.4700 UP Lockhart Sub
2525 160.4850 BNSF Houston Sub (switching)
2727 160.5150 UP Beaumont Sub
3636 160.6500 BNSF Longview Sub
3737 160.6650 UP Glidden Sub
4040 160.7100 Houston PTRA #1
4242 160.7400 UP Auston Sub
4444 160.7700 UP TTD #2
4545 160.7850 BNSF Casey Yard (switching)
4848 160.8300 UP Navasota Sub
5151 160.8750 UP TTD #3
5959 160.9950 UP TTD #1
6666 161.1000 BNSF Houston Sub (DS111)
7070 161.1600 BNSF - Casey Switcher
7272 161.1900 BNSF Galveston Sub (DS23)
7777 161.2650 Houston PTRA #2
8282 161.3400 BNSF HOU Sub North (DS111)
8585 161.3850 BNSF Conroe Sub (DS112)
8686 161.4000 UP Englewood Crest Tower
8989 161.4450 UP Eureka Sub
9696 161.5500 UP Englewood Yard

General Info

  • This antenna/scanner location is obviously in my house, which is within a few miles of the major road intersections of FM1960 and S.H. 249 in Spring, TX (Northwest Houston).

  • The BNSF Houston Sub (former Burlington - Rock Island) passes within one mile of my home and, therefore, the Houston Sub road channel on both the Casey Yard and Tomball repeaters will be quite strong.

  • The UP Palestine Sub passes within 7 miles from my home and Lloyd Yard, which is adjacent to this line is also the same distance away.

  • Spring Jct. is about a 1/2 mile north of Lloyd Yard and is the point where the UP Navasota Sub joins the Palestine Sub.  This area generates quite a bit of radio traffic due to the frequency of trains and yard operations.

  • More to come...

About the stream

  • The scanner is a Uniden/Bearcat BC796D.

  • The antenna is a DPD Productions outdoor Traintenna; however, the TrainTenna is installed in my attic and not outside due to deed restrictions prohibiting the installation of antennas on the exterior of the house.  The overall height to the top of the antenna is roughly 30 feet above the ground.  Reception is quite good even with antenna installed in the attic.

  • The antenna is connected to the scanner with approximately 45 feet of Belden 9913 coax cable.

  • The stream uses the Shoutcast broadcast server to pipe the scanner output to the Internet.