CP Draw in Buffalo, NY

CP (Control Point) Draw is busy spot both now and back in the Conrail days.  The double track line across the draw bridge was actually part of the Buffalo Creek terminal railroad once owned by the former NYC and then absorbed into Conrail.  The former NYC double track mainline through town took a different alignment, now known as the "Compromise" but was single tracked in the late 80s.  The Compromise is now pretty much used as a relief valve when CP Draw gets plugged up, which happens quite frequently.  The former Nickel Plate line, nee NW and now Norfolk Southern also uses the track across CP Draw to access their Buffalo Jct. yard just east of the bridge.  The NKP had their own drawbridge across the Buffalo River, which can be seen locked in the open position to the left of the CP Draw interlocking.  After Conrail decided to use the Buffalo Creek track as their main track through town and share the drawbridge with the NW,  the NW abandoned their drawbridge and it was welded in the open position and still that way to this day.

CSX and NS vie for space at CP Draw

Same shot only at a wider angle


A big CSX AC6000 meets a NS eastbound

An aerial photo of CP Draw and surroundings

The dispatchers view of CP Draw.


Drawbridge raised.

NS trains meet at CP Draw.



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