A business trip to Sarnia, ONT provided some post-work railfanning. 

At the time of my visit, CN had a tunnel under the St. Clair River, which connected Sarnia, ONT with Port Huron, MI.  However, the tunnel was old and could not accommodate the high (exceeding Plate C) freight cars, so a car ferry was used for the high cars.  The car ferry operation was quite busy and ran pretty much non-stop the entire time of my visit.  They were just starting construction on a new larger tunnel next to the existing bore, so I included some piks of the construction site. 

I also stopped and took some pictures of the EMD London, ONT locomotive plant and few shots are included of it as well.


 April 1993

A CN switcher unloads a cut of cars off a ferry.

The emptied ferry.

Loaded ferry en route.

Arriving car ferry about to dock.

A Great Lakes Freighter on the St. Clair River.

A car ferry arrives on the Sarnia side of the river.

 Car ferry unloading process begins.

Sunset shot of a loaded Great Lakes Freighter.

Ferry gets loaded for return trip.

Grade down to the St. Clari River tunnel.

Construction is beginning on new tunnel.


Here are some shots from outside the EMD locomotive facility in London, ONT.

A switcher shuffles a new CR SD60M.

Loco sub-assemblies in the background.

EMD administration building.

EMD fabrication buildings.

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